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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Review our most frequently asked questions for more information about Slickrock Belize Adventures and traveling to Belize.

About the Island

Where do we sleep?

Accommodations include eleven double and additional single beds in beach cabanas. Most cabanas sleep 2, and some accommodate 3 or 4. Linens, blankets, and pillows are provided. In special cases, single travelers may share with others of the same gender, while those who book together will stay together. Specific cabana reservations cannot be made, as assignments consider everyone’s needs. Rooming is not based on a first-come, first-served basis, as we prioritize accommodating the group as a whole.

What are bathrooms like?

On the island, we have composting toilets and use well-water (not heated and pumped by the sun) for bathing. Showers are private, but the bathroom facilities are at least 50 feet from the rooms. For more information on our island facilities, please click here.

How do I store valuables while on the island?

Due to rusting issues, we do not have safes on the island. We hide our cash in our luggage and trust our staff and guests. We advise against leaving money in plain sight in the cabana.

Can I send and receive email on the trip?

While no Wi-Fi is available, as of 2021, our island now has a cell phone signal. You will likely have access to phone service, but make roaming plans in advance with your provided to avoid costly charges.

Can I charge batteries and electronics on the trip?

Please be aware that the island’s conditions can be harsh on electronics due to waves and salt in the air. We advise against bringing computers as they may be damaged. On the island, we have 12 Volt electric systems and cigarette lighter outlets with USB ports in the Dining Hall for charging.
To charge devices or camera batteries without USB cords, use a car cigarette lighter charger or purchase an inverter for your regular battery charger. Most battery chargers will work on small inverters, but we don’t provide them to avoid compatibility issues and responsibility for your devices. Please test your charger with the inverter in your car beforehand to ensure compatibility. Note that charging is only possible during daylight hours.

Will insects be a problem?

Unlike other locations in Belize, we are blessed with minimal bugs and treat them if present. During periods of calm weather, a few bugs could be present on the island.

Understanding the Trip Schedule

Why do we have to spend a night on the mainland for Saturday arrivals?

Most packages include the first night in Dangriga. This initial night allows our guests to meet their guides and fellow travelers and to get organized before embarking on the boat ride to the island the following morning. The boat journey to the island typically takes about 1.5 hours, though it can be longer depending on weather conditions, and it usually departs early in the morning. Please note that early departures may occur due to approaching storms. Therefore, it is essential to be with our group the night before.

What if I arrive late? Why can’t I change the dates of the package? Why can’t you hold the boat for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate late arrivals or date changes for our scheduled boat departures from Dangriga. The only way to arrive late or depart early is to charter your own boat. Due to logistical constraints and potential weather conditions, it is impossible to delay the boat departure even by a few hours.
Guests who choose to arrive late because they can’t meet our schedule need to stay in close contact with us. If extreme weather occurs, causing a delay, you would need to meet the delayed group in Dangriga the next day. Please stay in contact with our team before you depart from the US for any updates.

Can we skip sports orientations?

Orientation sessions are essential for each sport due to safety reasons. Snorkel orientation is mandatory on the first afternoon, followed by the Belize sea kayaking orientation the next morning. These orientations are not repeated. Other orientations like windsurfing, kitesurfing, and paddleboarding are available multiple times once the initial orientations are completed. Weather conditions can vary, affecting the availability of certain activities.

How are the activities organized? Are the schedules flexible?

The itinerary begins structured to ensure everyone attends sports orientations but becomes entirely flexible by the end of the trip. While participation in sports is not mandatory, attending an orientation/safety session is required before trying any sport, regardless of your experience. You can join guided activities or explore on your own as long as you have a buddy and have attended the orientation session. We reserve the right to veto any plans we deem unwise.

Will there be itinerary changes?

We reserve the right to change the itinerary if necessary due to weather conditions or other factors beyond our control. No refund is given if this occurs.

How do I charter a boat if I need to?

Guests who wish to arrive late or miss a flight will be financially responsible for chartering a boat from Dangriga, Belize, out to the island. The boat ride from Dangriga to Slickrock is $700 US in cash. While we can arrange the charter for you, the ride is at your own risk, and we cannot be held responsible for it. The latest safe departure time from Dangriga to reach Long Caye before dark is 2:30pm. If your flight is delayed or you cannot make it in time, it is recommended to overnight in Dangriga and travel to the island the following morning. If you make your own boat arrangements, ensure the boat has two engines, life jackets are available, and it is essential to wear the life jackets, as Belizean captains may not insist on it.


Can my family contact me in case of an emergency?

While no Wi-Fi is available, as of 2021, our island now has a cell phone signal. You will likely have access to phone service to contact those who did not travel with you.

What happens if I get hurt?

Staff members are trained in First Aid, and we maintain constant phone contact. Evacuations by boat can be arranged, but you must pay all expenses. There is a rental helicopter in Belize, but no medical helicopter at this time. If inland, transportation to Belize City is easily arranged at your expense. Be sure you have funds on hand to pay for any emergency! Hospitals in Belize DO accept credit cards. We advise getting travel insurance during your stay.

Traveling to Belize

Why should I choose Belize as my travel destination?

Belize is English-speaking, safe for international travel, and easy to get to. From most U.S. and Canadian destinations, you can travel there in one day. We specialize in Belize—let us show you our favorite destination in the world.

Do I need a passport?

Passports are required for travel to Belize. Your passport must be valid throughout your stay in Belize with proof of return ticket. If you do not have evidence of a return ticket, your passport must be valid for six months past your entry date into Belize. Visas are automatically distributed to U.S., Canadian, and British citizens on the plane. Persons from other countries need to contact their consulate.

What will the weather be like? What should I pack for?

In general, late November – May is the “dry” season, with February – March enjoying the most ideal weather. Ideal weather means a temperature in the low 80s during the day, the low 70s at night, and winds at 10-15 mph. June through early November is the “rainy” season, but out at Glover’s Reef Atoll, it’s not nearly as wet as on the mainland. The worst weather of the year is during September and October. Please note that online weather forecasts are available for Belize City but not for Glover’s Reef Atoll, and it is impossible to predict the weather for specific dates.

How should I prepare for my trip?

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, it is essential to read the trip material as soon as you sign up. We will send you comprehensive trip documentation since being well-prepared significantly influences your trip experience. We recommend reading the following materials: (1) the detailed itinerary sheet for your specific trip, (2) this FAQ page, (3) the Belize Supplemental Information sheet, and (4) Our Hints for a Better Vacation. If you have any questions, contact our staff, who will gladly assist you.

Why do I need to bring money if it’s an all-inclusive trip?

While our island is all-inclusive, a few expenses are not covered, such as alcoholic beverages (other than beer at the island), SCUBA diving, advanced kitesurfing lessons, tips, and airport taxis. These additional costs can amount to several hundred dollars. It can be challenging to access cash in Belize, so we recommend US dollars to cover any extra expenses and unforeseen emergencies such as delayed luggage, unreliable ATMs, or blocked credit cards.

Is it customary to tip the staff?

Tipping the crew is not mandatory but is appreciated as a reflection of your satisfaction with their service. Typically, tipping is organized as a group effort, where one guest collects the entire tip from all group members and presents it to the trip leader at the end of the trip. The tip is divided among the staff members, including trip managers, guides, cooks, and island caretakers. It’s important to note that tips cannot be added to guest credit cards, as Belize primarily operates on a cash-based system. The industry standard for each guest is 10-15% of the trip price.

What type of exercise should I do to prepare?

To prepare physically, focusing on improving stamina and overall health is recommended. The activities on the island involve walking, bending, scrambling, carrying boats, getting in and out of boats, swimming, and windsurfing, which require physical effort. Engaging in all-body conditioning exercises like yoga can be beneficial. Additionally, it is crucial to maintain good health and avoid contact with sick individuals.

What if I’m traveling as a single parent or bringing a child’s friend along?

Kids under 16 must travel with both parents or documentation from the absent parent is required. A new Belize law (2010) requires any kids under 16 to have a notarized letter from each of their parents permitting them to enter the country if either or both parents are not present. For further explanation on this topic, visit our Belize Family Vacation page and read the Special Documentation for Traveling with Kids to Belize section.

When do I receive my Slickrock T-shirt?

You will receive your Slickrock t-shirt during your final day on the island.

Should I get travel insurance?

We require all guests to acquire travel insurance, including medical and trip cancellation policies. Slickrock is proud to partner with Generali Global Assistance. Click here to learn more about Generali and to add it to your trip. When entering the total trip cost, please enter the total for all lodging, tours, or transportation purchased. Generali Global Assistance offers a 10-day free look and can only be purchased up through your final payment date. For more information, visit Generali.

Are there any COVID-19 restrictions?

There are no longer any COVID-19 restrictions in Belize, as of June 2022.

Recommended Gear

What do we bring?

Please contact us to request our Belize packing list if you have not received it yet.

Should I bring gloves for snorkeling and diving?

No, you should never touch coral. We prioritize the preservation of the reef and urge everyone to be mindful of this area we feel fortunate to have access to.

Is long underwear necessary?

Yes. In colder weather (60-65 degrees), the extra layer extends the warmth of your other clothes. Cold spells can happen any time of the year, and long underwear is a helpful item most people already own.

What special gear do I need for snorkeling, fishing, etc.?

Many sports require special gear that we do not provide as it is personal gear and must fit your body. Contact us to request a complete packing list, which we can mail or email. For recommendations on fishing in Belize and the best fins for snorkeling, visit these blogs.

Food & Drinks

What’s the food like?

We don’t have a restaurant on the island; all our meals are buffet-style. Our Belizean menu showcases fresh seafood, locally sourced fruits, and vegetables. A typical dinner includes an appetizer, an entrée (fish, chicken, or pork), two side dishes with vegetables and carbohydrates, and a dessert. We often serve homemade bread and salads as part of the meal. When inland, we enjoy home-style Belizean meals at Pelican Beach Resort.

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

We can easily adapt our menu for vegetarian, gluten-free, and cheese-free diets. We can also accommodate life-threatening allergies, but we cannot accommodate every dietary restriction due to the wide variety of diets and limitations of being on-island. Please be aware that onions, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, and peppers are commonly used in Belizean cuisine. Contact us in advance with questions about your specific dietary needs. View the Island Menu & Special Diets pages for more information.

What do we drink on Long Caye?

Our drinking water comes from a rainwater collection system purified for consumption. Belikin beer and soda (no diet sodas) are included in the trip price and stored in a solar-powered refrigerator. We also offer fresh orange juice and juice concentrates for mixing with water or cocktails. Guests are responsible for bringing their alcoholic beverages, such as rum, which can be purchased in Belize at duty-free in the PGIA Airport. Ice is not available.

Is this the right Belize vacation for me?

I only want to come for two or three days. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer shorter durations for our trips. Our shortest available package is a four-night stay. The reason for this is that our island is located 35 miles offshore, and the boat ride from Dangriga takes approximately 1.5 hours, which can be longer due to weather conditions. This duration is carefully planned to ensure that you have ample time to fully enjoy your experience on the island.

I’m staying somewhere else. Can I rent your gear?

We don’t rent our gear because transport and duty fees double the value of gear, and there is no way to replace it. Our equipment is exclusively available at our private island resort, located 35 miles offshore, reserved for our guests. Transporting the gear for rental purposes would be impractical.

Why can’t I rent a cabana without the package?

We do not rent our beachside cabanas separately. The island is extremely remote, our transport only runs twice a week, and there is no restaurant other than our Dining Hall. The only way to visit our island is to purchase a package that includes transportation to and from the island, lodging and meals, beer and soda, and full use of our sports equipment with instruction.

Why does this cost as much as a fancy resort when you have rustic accommodations?

While our accommodations may lack amenities like maid service, flush toilets, WiFi, or fancy drinks with umbrellas, our program offers unparalleled sports opportunities and the privilege of staying on a private island. Our extensive selection of top-notch gear, including over 40 sea kayaks (so your kayak fits you), windsurfing sets, surf kayaks, paddleboards, kitesurfing gear, and specialized fishing kayaks, sets us apart from any resort in Belize.

Will there be enough sea kayaking for an advanced kayaker?

Yes! Depending on the group, your guide may lead longer excursions, paddle outside the reef in the open sea, or allow advanced kayakers to paddle on their own with a “buddy.” Glover’s Reef Atoll has more to see than one could ever cover in one week.

I’m only interested in one sport. Do you provide specific packages (surfing, SCUBA diving, etc.)?

We provide a guided, multi-sport experience with orientation sessions required for each sport. While guests with extensive experience may receive an abbreviated orientation, our guides prioritize safety and balance their time among the entire group. If you prefer a particular sport, our guides will try their best to accommodate you, but the orientation may not be available immediately. The availability of sports depends on weather conditions, so having a variety of options ensures a great experience if your preferred sport is not possible. However, we offer an add-on to the 8-Night Package that includes 10 dives during your stay for an additional $500 per person.

Do I need experience to come here?

No experience is required for any of our trips. While unpredictable weather occasionally creates challenging conditions, our island trip is perfect for beginners. The longest paddle is typically two miles, and we provide complete instruction for all sports. With the ideal setting of 80-degree water, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn or enhance your skills. People in average shape have no trouble enjoying the activities.

I see a buddy is required for most activities. What if I’m traveling alone?

Don’t worry if you’re traveling alone! We have group activities all day, and you can easily find a buddy among other guests participating in the same activity. If you prefer to do an activity without a guide, plenty of people are usually looking for activity partners.

Do you charge more for a single room? I don’t want to share with anyone else.

We do not charge a single supplement, so singles pay the same as everyone else. While getting your own room is common for single travelers, we cannot guarantee it. The availability of single rooms depends on factors like trip popularity and timing. Popular dates may require room sharing, while less busy periods often result in single occupancy. Although we cannot guarantee single rooms in advance, we do our best to accommodate requests.
If you can wait until the last minute to sign up, we may provide a clearer picture of room availability. Please note that sharing is more likely for inland accommodations than the island. Additionally, we only room people of the same gender together. Our cabanas are primarily used for changing and resting after an exciting day of activities. Contact us to learn more.

How big of a group can visit?

The maximum group size for The Package is 30 guests. All trips have a minimum requirement of four adults, but we can still run the island trip for 2-3 adults with an additional surcharge. If your group size is important to you, please feel free to call us for updates on the trip size. During peak times (Christmas, Presidents’ Day, Spring Break, and Easter), trips tend to be full, while during other times, trips may not reach maximum capacity.

Before You Make Your Reservation

What days do I book my air tickets?

For Saturday arrivals, please arrive at Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA) by 3:45pm to catch a connecting flight to Dangriga and arrive at Pelican Beach Resort by 5pm. For Wednesday arrivals, please arrive at PGIA by 12:30pm to catch a connecting flight to Dangriga and arrive at the boat dock for a 2pm departure to the island.

Can I make a last-minute reservation?

Please call to check availability before booking airfare. We must confirm availability if you want to make a reservation less than four weeks before the trip. You must ensure we have room, make your air reservations, and then call back to confirm your spot. We only hold spaces with deposits for 48 hours (or 24 hours on popular dates), and seats can sell out quickly. If the hold expires, we may sell the seats to others on the waiting list if we have yet to receive your deposit.

What are the age restrictions?

Participants must be 5 years or older to join. For specific activities such as Diving on Glover’s Reef Atoll, the minimum age is 8, while for Kitesurfing and Surfing on Glover’s Reef Atoll, the minimum is 12.

Can I visit if I’m pregnant?

Yes, pregnant participants are welcome on our trips. However, you must discuss your travel plans with your doctor and obtain a letter of permission, specifically mentioning that being 3 hours away from medical care and a 1.5-4-hour boat ride to the island is not a concern. A belly strap for added support is recommended.
While pregnant, you can participate in most sports except scuba diving and windsurfing due to potential risks. Surf kayaking is a possibility. The best time to visit is during the first and second trimesters when you have more energy. Please note that unpasteurized yogurt is the only item on our menu that should be avoided. Remember to rent a wetsuit several sizes larger than your usual size to accommodate your belly.

Reservations Details

When is my reservation confirmed?

We kindly request a 20% deposit per person to secure your space. Making a reservation is accessible through our convenient online form. We accept payments via VISA and MasterCard. Please note that any applicable discounts will be applied toward the final balance rather than the initial deposit.

Do I need to do anything after my reservation is made?

A Waiver of Liability Form is sent via email. The completely-filled-out form and the final balance are both due 60 days prior to departure. Please contact us if you wish to book less than 60 days out.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

If you are unable to travel due to illness, cancellation, restrictions placed on your home country or Belize by the government(s) or airlines, or if the resort is unable to open due to government restrictions, any paid bookings are eligible for an insurance claim through your travel insurance policy.

What if I need to arrive late or depart early?

Any conditions out of our control that delay your arrival or departure may add to your cost; all extra charges caused by delays (late luggage, additional flights, or catching up with a trip in progress) or any variations from the itinerary (early departure, evacuation) will be at the customer’s expense.

How do I cancel my trip?

To cancel, please call us or send an email. Your cancellation is only complete once we have acknowledged receipt or spoken to you in person. Once you release your seats, Slickrock reserves the right to resell them. Cancellation fees still apply even if we can find others for these seats.
Our reservation and cancellation policy is set because all flights to Belize fill extremely early during this time frame, and third-party costs are paid in advance. When a spot is vacated less than three months before the package date, reselling is difficult because flights to Belize are prohibitively expensive or no longer available.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Slickrock requires 20% of the deposit per person (not per booking) at the time of booking. If the cancellation occurs more than 60 days before trip, the deposit will not be refunded. The remaining 80% is due within 60 days of arrival.

What if Slickrock has to cancel the trip?

If unforeseen circumstances make trip cancellation unavoidable, Slickrock reserves the right to cancel a trip for which deposits have been collected. In such cases, we will refund all of your money, but please note that our financial liability is limited to the amount you have paid and does not cover any additional costs incurred by the trip member.

Will I be charged for unused services?

Please note that no partial refunds or credits will be provided for any unused services, including hotel rooms or meals. Our trips are offered as complete packages, and credits are not issued for unused services. No refunds will be given for any reason once the trip has begun.

What are the full private island rental policies?

Below are the island rental policies, but please reach out with further questions.
1. Minimum 15-20 paying guests required depending on the season. The island can hold up to 30 guests comfortably.
2. No one books individually; only balloon payments are accepted for charter bookings.
3. One-week charter includes accommodations, meals, transfers, and specified inclusions. Detailed list of inclusions is provided above.