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The Ultimate Belize Adventure Lodge

Slickrock Belize Adventures offers an action-packed, off-grid getaway at Glover’s Reef Atoll. Located on Long Caye, one of Belize’s most remote islands, this eco-lodge trades typical resort amenities for an all-inclusive adventure getaway and sustainable glamping experience. Powered entirely by solar and wind energy, Slickrock features rustic yet comfortable facilities that perfectly complement the natural surroundings. Beachfront cabanas provide guests with views of the Caribbean Sea and a porch to soak in the beauty. 

From surfing Belize’s only surf break to enjoying a vast array of watersports, this eco-lodge offers the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. The 13.5-acre island provides ample space for exploration, and rustic amenities ensure comfort without compromising the authentic island experience. Slickrock caters to the adventurous spirit with sixteen beach cabanas, a well-equipped kitchen, water pumps, a composting toilet, an assortment of adventure equipment, and a neighboring dive shop. While there is no traditional hotel setup, you’ll find a fridge stocked with Belikin beer and sodas, friendly Belizean guides to accompany you on adventures, and a true sense of community during shared meals. Escape the ordinary and embrace the best of rustic, adventure travel at Long Caye in Belize.


Sea Kayak Palapa

A vast selection of top-quality sea kayaks catering to all body types ensures everyone gets their ideal boat to explore the stunning Belizean waters.

Hammock Palapa

One of the favored spots on the island to catch all breezes, this palapa is the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon hammock siesta.

Island Library

Enjoy a collection of books offering insights into underwater creatures, Maya culture, and even kayaking.

Surf Palapa & Dock

An array of high-performance equipment is just steps away from the water, complemented by stunning sunrise views and a relaxing atmosphere.

Beach Chairs

Relax in beach chairs conveniently located around the island.

Private Shuttle Boat

Batfish, a 41’ power boat with a bathroom onboard, runs the 72-mile round trip complimentary round trip to and from our island each week.

Yoga Palapa

A tranquil and breathtaking palapa featuring a wooden floor, a thatched roof, and stunning sunrise and sunset views.

Island Showers & Restrooms

Located near the cabanas are eco-friendly bathroom facilities with private showers and composting toilet stalls.

Jogging & Nature Trail

The ⅔ mile trail will teach you about the natural state of Belize islands, including native plants, wildlife, erosion, and storms.

Windsurf Centre & Land Trainer

Set up on the beach, the trainer allows guests to practice basic skills and sail handling before entering the water, accelerating the learning curve.

Volleyball Court

Play a game of volleyball right on the beach.

Renewable Power System

Solar battery stations and wind generators supply the lodge’s electrical needs, including lights, water pumps, music, and refrigeration.

A Glover’s Reef Atoll Lodge

Belize is famous for its reefs, and Glover’s Reef Atoll is considered the most pristine in the country. Slickrock Belize Adventures owns an island at Glover’s Reef Atoll called Long Caye, where we offer the ultimate Belize adventure lodge. The private island is located on the outer reef of Glover’s Reef Atoll, one of only four atolls found in our hemisphere, making it an unusual and unique place to explore.

Glover’s Reef Atoll has been designated a National Marine Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site, ensuring its protection for future generations. The lagoon inside Glover’s Reef Atoll and its underwater terrain are rich with sea creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors—from tiny flamingo snails and colorful living coral to elegant and powerful spotted eagle rays. Immerse yourself in this underwater paradise by staying at our Belize private island with a backdrop few locations can match.