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Long Caye Belize enjoys the only surf break in the country that is both accessible and safe. The reef here has hard coral rubble instead of soft sand, which may not be ideal for beginner board surfers. Guests with surfing experience must first demonstrate kayak surfing ability before they are cleared to use the boards in surf, and we recommend you then graduate to paddleboard surfing before attempting board surfing. Experienced surfers can catch bigger breaks and enjoy long rides in favorable conditions.

With moderate to steep drops and a fun, punchy, fast inner section, this wave is perfect for experienced surfers. Boards are hand-picked for the wave and require trip manager/guide approval. Please note that surfing lessons are occasionally available, and children under 12 cannot use surfboards.

What to bring:

  • Booties
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Water-proof camera 
  • Sunglasses

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