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Belize Snorkel Sites

Practice Reef

This easily accessible patch reef is ideal for snorkeling orientations and night snorkeling, featuring shallow sandy areas and proximity to coral.

The Aquarium

A ⅔ mile paddle takes you to a picturesque shallow reef perfect for standing and capturing breathtaking underwater images.

Dado’s Reef

Named after a ship-wrecked sailor, this reef is only a short swim away, quite deep in places, and offers beautiful underwater scenery.

The Horseshoe

Accessible by a ½ mile kayak or swim with a safety kayaker, this reef offers an excellent first paddle and snorkel adventure.

Lobster Rocks

Sights of Caribbean Spiny Lobsters are common at this coral-rich reef, accessible by kayak, swim, or paddleboard.

Conch Central

Sometimes combined with Sea Fan City, this large patch reef offers numerous tropical fish and serves as a weekly kayak-snorkel destination.

Sea Fan City

Featuring larger fish and thriving Elkhorn Coral, this location near the channel offers the sight of Purple Sea Fans and a vibrant marine ecosystem.

The Channel

A paddle to a deep patch reef between Long and Northeast Cayes often provides huge sightings of Bermuda Chub, Black Grouper & Spotted Eagle Rays.

Northeast Caye

The caye next door provides several areas of gorgeous reef and a deep snorkel, perfect for hanging onto a kayak for extra flotation.

Drift Snorkel

A swim to the island’s north end offers a drift over three small patch reefs, concluding in a swim back to the south end.

The Wall

In ideal conditions, this swim and famous dive site provides an over-the-head snorkel featuring giant loggerhead turtles.

The Cut

This loop snorkel and swim from the island’s southern end along the barrier reef of the atoll offers a long exploratory adventure.

Snorkel Around the Island

A swim around the outside of the island provides views of amazing coral and parrot fish.

Far Tortuga

An absolutely huge patch reef sits a mile paddle away, where anchoring immerses you in a remote and isolated world.

Angel Fish Paradise

Not as intimidating as the giant Far Tortuga snorkel, this one is teaming with Angel Fish and other beautiful species.

Sponge Forest

Anchoring in the middle of these two patch reefs offers the sight of a fantastic Star Coral canyon and lots of sponges and fish.


A submerged sand volcano surrounded by deep waters features a shallow coral-covered top that reveals remarkable and unexplored marine wonders.