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The Best Surfing in Belize: Surf Camp at Glover’s Reef Atoll

While Belize isn’t a well-known surf destination, one exception stands out: Glover’s Reef Atoll, the premier surf spot in the country. Lucky for you, Slickrock Belize Adventures calls Long Caye, an island within the atoll, home, and it’s the ideal destination for your Belize surfing vacation. Here is the ultimate guide to surfing in Belize at Long Caye.


The Atoll 

1. Location: Slickrock’s surf camp is on Long Caye within Glover’s Reef Atoll, a designated National Marine Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site. This atoll is renowned as one of Belize’s few quality surfing spots, offering a breathtaking and underexplored backdrop for the ultimate surfing vacation.

2. Protection: As a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, entry and exit to Glover’s Reef Atoll is carefully monitored. Because this is a protected and cherished natural ecosystem, it’s crucial to be with a tour guide or resort that knows who to contact in case of need. 

The Surf Break

Point Break: Long Caye’s point break is almost always active at the channel entrance between Long Caye and the neighboring island. It intercepts swells driven in by the trade winds, with swells breaking and peeling off to the right in long, running breaks that can go up to a hundred yards. The bottom topography is eroded coral rubble, creating a safe (but hard) bottom surface.

Wave Characteristics: Our wave is a right-hand break that starts in 8-12 feet of water, getting progressively shallower the longer the ride, ending in about 3 feet deep. Moderate to steep on the initial drop, there can also be a slight reform where one needs to cut back to make a second section where the wave walls up again with a fun, punchy, fast inner section.

Winter Surfing: During the winter season, you can expect near to moderate fetch trade-wind-driven waves, with the Trades blowing at a near-constant 10-15 knots or more. As a result, surfable conditions often come with onshore wind and chop, making super glassy conditions a rare occurrence—though it does happen occasionally. 

The largest sets typically reach 6-8 feet, the norm being around 4 feet high. Thanks to the protective reef, the wave remains remarkably consistent, offering a typical 4-6 foot face on the initial drop, and on good days when it’s connecting, rides of 50 to 100 yards are possible.

The Lodge

1. Accommodations: At Slickrock, guests enjoy an authentic glamping adventure in rustic beachfront cabanas. These cabanas trade air conditioning and WiFi for the Caribbean breeze and stunning views. It is the ultimate Belize surf camp experience! 

    2. The Package: To fully immerse in Glover’s Reef Atoll, Slickrock offers set arrival and departure days for different lengths of stay. The all-inclusive adventure packages cover lodging, meals, transportation, and guided activities.

    3. Dining: Slickrock understands the importance of staying energized between surf sessions. That’s why the island chef serves up fresh, delectable Belizean cuisine three times a day, featuring the freshest seafood, locally sourced fruits, and vegetables.

    The Experience

    1. Skill Level: The hard coral rubble on this reef may not be suitable for novice board surfers. However, once inside, the wave loses much of its force in the shallow water, reducing the chances of getting “pounded” by it.

    2. Safety: Guides help guests of any skill level explore a wide range of watersports. But your safety is our number one priority. Guests with surfing experience must first demonstrate kayak surfing and paddleboard surfing ability before they are cleared to use the boards in the surf.

    3. Privacy: This is a very uncrowded surf break, so except for having to share with other Slickrock guests, you can catch all the waves you want! Guests can take the time to learn from expert local instructors. 

    4. Additional Watersports: Slickrock isn’t limited to surfing alone. If you’ve mastered surfing, explore new activities guided by our experts and top-tier equipment. Kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, fishing, and windsurfing await the adventurous spirit!

    While destinations like Tavarua or the Mentawais offer world-class, long-fetch overhead barrels for avid surf enthusiasts, Slickrock Belize Adventures beckons those seeking more than just surfing. If you plan to explore Glover’s Reef Atoll for its stunning reefs, kayaking, windsurfing, and more, you might find an unexpected reward – the delight of riding very fun, exceptionally uncrowded Caribbean waves. Contact us for more information, or book your surf camp getaway today!