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The Most Sustainable Eco-Lodge Adventure in Belize

Nestled on Long Caye at Glover’s Reef Atoll, Slickrock Belize Adventures takes pride in offering thrilling adventure vacation experiences and being leaders in sustainable travel. By seamlessly blending exhilarating Caribbean adventures with responsible practices, the eco-lodge offers an unmatched getaway that thrills guests and contributes to preserving the environment. Here is how Slickrock optimizes resource usage and protects the land it calls home.

Marine Conservation

The island’s knowledgeable guides are passionate about the marine life within Glover’s Reef Atoll and serve as vital educators for guests, emphasizing the significance of safeguarding this fragile ecosystem. This responsibility is an important part of each day’s itinerary.

Their role extends to enlightening visitors about potential human impacts and fostering responsible behaviors during snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking activities. The commitment to conservation is reflected in a range of practices, from kayaks instead of motorboats to using reef-safe sunscreen.

Eco-Lodge Operations

Slickrock operates with sustainability at its core. The eco-lodge is meticulously designed to minimize its ecological footprint and allow you to experience Belize as nature intended. This dedication is highlighted through the strategic use of renewable energy sources and responsible waste management practices. Below are some key features that showcase Slickrock’s coexistence with the surrounding natural wonders.

1. 100% Solar & Wind Powered
A 12V electrical system on the island uses solar panels and wind generators to charge a bank of batteries from which it draws power for lights, water pumps, and refrigeration systems. This efficient renewable energy source eliminates the need for noisy gas generators. The wind generator supplements the greater demands of the Dining Hall system.

2. Water Supply
Slickrock has rainwater catchments and well water to supply the eco-lodge. Rainwater is filtered and used for drinking, cooking, and tooth brushing, and well water is used for laundry, bathing, dishes, and rinsing gear. With thoughtful water conservation, we ensure a responsible approach to resource utilization and maintain the comfort and satisfaction of guests.

3. Energy Conservation
While most eco-resorts use motorboats to take guests out to reefs for snorkeling, Slickrock uses self-propelled kayaks—kayaking is part of the fun! Guest cabanas forego air-conditioning and electricity, instead relying on natural ventilation and sunlight to create a refreshing and eco-friendly atmosphere.

4. Composting Toilets
The eco-lodge bathroom facilities, featured on the cover of Outside Magazine, are located a few yards from the beachfront cabanas. Similar to what you would find at a state or national park, these composting toilets help conserve a significant amount of water and allow for the recycling of valuable plant nutrients. Nothing is flushed into the sea!

Commitment to Sustainable Travel

As caretakers of this idyllic paradise, Slickrock continually refines its practices to reduce the eco-lodge’s carbon footprint– we embrace “less is more.” The eco-lodge provides guests with fewer resort-like amenities and only essential comforts, enabling you to immerse yourself more in the surroundings without disturbing the island’s delicate balance.

At Slickrock, the commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of the lodge’s operations. Our goal is to leave little impact on the paradise we are lucky to call home while providing incredible experiences to those who visit. See how easy it is to travel sustainably during your Belize adventure vacation at Glover’s Reef Atoll.