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Glover’s Reef Atoll Dive Sites

Long Caye Wall

A 5-minute boat ride takes you to a world-famous dive site with a vertical wall boasting magnificent coral formations, vibrant fish, and fascinating marine life.

Bev’s Garden

This site provides views of Lettuce Leaf and Staghorn corals and drifts over coral canyons with Schoolmaster Snappers, Hawksbill Turtles, and Spotted Eagle Rays.

The Crack

This advanced site and vertical cave offer abundant sea life, perfect for underwater photographers, including Loggerhead Turtles and Bull Sharks.

Middle Caye Wall

A descent to the wall’s top features bluehead wrasse, horse-eyed jacks, and Mordecai, a five-foot Green Moray Eel, alongside Nurse Sharks and Loggerhead Turtles.

The Abyss

This captivating wall features Black Tip sharks, camouflaged Southern Stingrays, Caribbean Spiny Lobsters in coral ledges, and fluttering Juvenile Spotted Drums.ral-rich reef, accessible by kayak, swim, or paddleboard.

The Wild Side

Perfect for beginners, this site showcases a sandy bottom, coral formations, Barrel Sponges, and a deep drop-off with diverse marine life.

Sand Dollar Flatts

This popular night dive offers sightings of Caribbean Reef Squid, Common Octopus, Basket Stars, Caribbean Spiny Lobsters, Parrotfish, Squirrelfish, and Spotted Toadfish.

The Aquarium

Often requested for a repeat dive, this deep site offers abundant schooling fishing, including Trumpetfish, Queen Angelfish, Spotted Filefish, and more.

Durgeon Reef

Home to a Hawksbill Turtle, this shallow dive also features Spotted Eagle Rays, Nurse Sharks, and schools of Black Durgeons and Blue Tangs.

Gorgonian Reef

A reef home to soft corals and Black Tip sharks, spur and groove coral canyons with swim-along ledges hiding critters and a dramatically sharp drop-off along the wall.

The Whole Lotta Wrasse

Along the Creole Wrasse highway, a swim below the wall’s surface features Juvenile Spotted Drums, Queen Triggerfish, Chain Moray Eels, and Red-Banded Shrimp.